Blue's Story


Blue’s stories of Ireland, his early years in Australia, and the transition to pilot have always been fascinating.

Collecting them became more important as the years went by as each of the grandchildren started to collect biographical details about their grandparents.

This is the story of William Duncan (Blue) Young (29/9/1922 - 28/7/2011).  We hope you enjoy reading it.


Part 1 - Blue's Life
Chapter 1 - Growing Up in Ireland (Erin Go Bragh!)
Chapter 2 - Coming to Australia and Going to War
Chapter 3 - After the War
Chapter 4 - After Flying
Chapter 5 - Retirement (of sorts)
Part 2 - Pilot's Tales
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Press clippings

Blue at Charleville with Dragon


Authors notes

Photo captions are visible by hovering the cursor over the picture.  Full size photos are accessed by clicking the thumbnail.  Permission to reproduce photos has been sought where possible.  Most are scans from Blue's originals.

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